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US Statement on Sustainable Development
New York, October 25, 2006
In a statement by Michael Snowden, Advisor, Economic and Social Affairs, to the Second Committee debate on Sustainable Development, the US outlined its views on the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) and international environmental governance.

Statement on GEF-4 Replenishment
Cape Town, 28 August 2006
The United States welcomes the historic GEF-4 replenishment agreement.

Statement on Management Reform on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women
New York, 17 May 2006
In a statement on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women in the Informal Plenary on Mandate Review US Representative for UN Management and Reform, Ambassador Mark Wallace, outlined the US views regarding reporting, concrete ways to advance gender equality, the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of women, UN Research and Training institutions.

Statement on the Mandate Review on Sustained Growth and Sustainable Development
New York, 8 May 2006
In a statement by US Representative for United Nations, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, to the informal plenary on the Mandate Review: Sustained Growth and Sustainable Development and Development of Africa, Wallace outlined the US views on early action, UNCTAD, DESA and the Regional Commissions.

Statement to the Informals on Environment
New York, 25 April 2006
In statement by Samuel Kotis, Adviser, during the informal plenary session of the General Assembly on the environment, the US outlined their views on the proposals for a UNEO, strengthening the science base, mainstreaming capacity building, and improving policy advice and guidance.

Statement on the High-Level Panel
New York, 6 April 2006
In a statement prior to the informal meeting between the Secretary-General's High-level Panel on System-wide Coherence, the US Under-Secretary for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs, Josette S. Shiner stated that "this new UN reform effort represents a historic opportunity for the international community to make changes that will greatly enhance the ability of the UN system to quickly respond to humanitarian relief needs and improve the effectiveness of every dollar spent on development assistance.”

Views on UNEP and proposals for a UN Environment Organisation
May 2006
The US has, as yet, no specific proposals on international environmental governance. In an April 2005 statement in the General Assembly informals, Howard Stoffer, Minister Counsellor at the US Mission in New York stated that “the principal responsibility for environmental governance should remain with national governments, not with a supranational authority.”

Views on financing treaty bodies from the UN core budget
May 2006
Another key issue to possibly surface during the UN reform discussions is the financing of treaty bodies and the secretariats of multilateral environmental agreements from the UN Regular Budget.

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