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The United Kingdom in the United Nations
July 2006
The Government published its third Parliamentary Command Paper on 'The United Kingdom in the United Nations'. It provides a comprehensive overview of the work of the United Nations and details the UK's significant contribution to the UN's efforts. The paper covers a period of unparalleled importance for the UN, including the UN World Summit in September 2005 which was attended by over 170 world leaders – including the Prime Minister – and which agreed a fundamental package of reforms and commitments for the organisation.

Blair Calls for UN Reform, including UNEO
United States, 26 May 2006
In an address to Georgetown University UK Prime Minister Tony Blair outlined several proposals for reforming the United Nations, including the: Security Council; role of the UN Secretary-General; humanitarian and development operations; IMF and World Bank; safe enrichment of nuclear power; the G+5; and a UN Environment Organisation. The address was the third of series of speeches by the Prime Minister on the challenges facing the international community

Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry speaks on UN Reform
New York, 8 May 2006
Speaking at the UCLA Center for Globalisation on UN Reform and Africa's Opportunity, the UK Ambassador to the UN, Sir Emyr Jones Parry, welcomed the Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on System-wide Coherence as a major opportunity to take stock of the UN's development architecture and identify methods of improving coordination

UK non-paper on system-wide coherence, a vision for the UN
New York, 28 March 2006
According to Martin Khor of the Third World Network, the UK has floated a consultant ' s discussion paper on "system-wide coherence, a vision for the UN," stressing it is "not UK government policy”

United Kingdom's visions for the 21st century development architecture
14 March 2006
Further UK thinking on international development reform is to be found in the recent Department for International Development's consultations on a White Paper on International Development, which has as one of its three central themes as “reforming the international development system: how can the international development system be reformed so that it delivers better results for development, and be more responsive to the needs of poor people

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