About ieg-dossier

ieg-dossier is a new online clearing house dedicated to providing information on intergovernmental negotiations and processes related to the strengthening of the United Nation’s environment and development architecture. ieg-dossier focuses on providing insightful information regarding current or future negotiations related to UN reform outlining: the status of negotiations; developing country proposals; developed country proposals; the UN system’s response; intergovernmental proposals; and NGO and Major Group proposals. The objective of ieg-dossier is to provide a constant flow of information, particularly to policy makers, researchers and civil society organisations, so that preparations on the UN reform processes can be made on the basis of comprehensive and up-to-date information. In addition the clearing house aims to:

  • promote and disseminate the work (research, positions, lobbying) of governments, the UN system, intergovernmental organisations and civil society in relation to reform of the UN’s environment and development architecture;
  • increase knowledge on, and deepen understanding of the current process of enhancing international cooperation and strengthening the UN system to meet environment and development challenges;
  • contribute to a wider public discussion on the UN’s environment and development architecture; and
  • enable greater participation of civil society in the UN reform processes.

ieg-dossier will focus on providing comprehensive reporting on the work and events on strengthening the UN system and a range of UN reform processes, including:

  • Cartagena Package on IEG being implemented by the UNEP Governing Council/GMEF;
  • UN General Assembly consultations on IEG, Management Reform and the Mandate Review (the World Summit Package);
  • UN General Assembly consideration of Universal Membership of the UNEP Governing Council;
  • UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on System-wide coherence;
  • Proposals for a development agenda of the World Intellectual Property Organization;
  • Proposals for reforming/strengthening UN Agencies, Programmes and Funds, including those related to UN Conference on Trade and Development, Food and Agriculture Organization, and the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction; and
  • Regime strengthening of multilateral treaty bodies, such as discussions under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Starting soon, ieg-dossier will provide the following services:

  • a comprehensive and updated online information clearing house
  • monthly (every 3 weeks) comprehensive update on environment and development reform;
  • weekly updates to the clearing house;
  • monthly special reports providing comprehensive background information and on reform processes

ieg-dossier is an initiative of Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future. For more information about ieg-dossier, or to submit statement, articles, or papers, please contact ieg-dossier.

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