Friends of Development

During the 31st Session of the WIPO General Assembly (September 27 to October 5, 2004), the delegations of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania and Venezuela co-sponsored a proposal to establish a “Development Agenda” for the World Intellectual Property Organization. The group of countries is commonly referred to as the Group of Friends of Development. The basic concern of the Group of Friends of Development is to ensure that WIPO activities and intellectual property discussions are driven towards development-oriented results. Several international organizations have recognized that much more needs to be done to reach effective results that meet the challenges of development. Leading this process, the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals, which established a firm commitment by the international community to address the significant problems that affect developing countries and LDCs. The Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2001-2010, the Monterey Consensus, the Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development and the Plan of Implementation agreed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Declaration of Principles and the Plan of Action of the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society, and the Sao Paulo Consensus adopted at UNCTAD XI, have all placed development at the heart of their concerns and actions. 

Friends of Development Proposal for a Decision of the PCDA on the establishment of a WIPO Development Agenda
Geneva, 22 June 2006
The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Argentina on behalf of the delegations of Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Equador, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uruguay and Venezuela, submitted its proposal for the second session of the Provisional Committee on Proposals Related to a WIPO Development Agenda.

A Development Agenda for the World Intellectual Property Organisation
Another key issue not directly part of the Cartagena or World Summit Packages, but critical in strengthening the international architecture for environment and development, are the current developing country proposals for a development agenda for the World Intellectual Property Rights Organisation (WIPO)

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