China: Statement on Desertification

New York, 30 October 2006: In a statement by Advisor to the Chinese Delegation Wang Qi under the agenda item on desertification, China said desertification was a grave ecological problem on a global scale, currently affecting 2/3 of countries and regions of the world and is threatening the development, even the survival, of 1/5 of the world's total population.  China said the Convention to Combat Desertification must be effectively implemented and stressed that financial and technological input is indispensable to the long and difficult endeavor of combating desertification. China said the inadequacy of resources and unsatisfactory functioning of financing mechanisms has beset the implementation of the Convention. The international community should look at the problem of desertification from a global perspective, give it enough attention, and actively seek to establish mechanisms for technological transfer that are helpful to the implementation of the Convention and beneficial to all sides in order to provide financial assistance and technological support to the developing countries with a view to strengthening their capacity-building. China also said it was ready to further strengthen international cooperation with all countries in the world and make its contribution to the cause of combating desertification.

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Source: China’s Mission to the UN, 2006

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